Definitions and Commonly Asked Questions



What's the difference between a Lead and a Prospect?


A Prospect is just simply a Company, Residence or Government Entity that has not yet been contacted.  Whereas a Lead has been contacted, presented information about the service and products of our client and all the Client's Qualifying Questions are met; an Appointment has been scheduled for the Client's Closer.  Our Lead Generation Capabilities are 0% - 80% of the Sales Deal.


Can We Pay By the Week for Call Center Operations?


YES, when you receive our initial proposal, please don't be hesitate to purchase.  Every Client has the option to pay for our services weekly.  Please keep in mind we have deadlines that occur weekly.  For example, if you wanted to purchase Call Center Operation Services, you will be required to pay for all the associated expenses at least a week in advance, some exceptions are made depending upon the project.  PLEASE NOTE:  All Lead Costs are billed after an Appointment has been Scheduled.  We refund and credit all Appointments that are not Completed.


What is a BPO?


BPO, is a abbreviated for Business Process Outsourcing, SalesLearning is a BPO Organization.  We work with other companies to help them generate sales worldwide.  When we market our Client's products and services we are "One Company" united to generate revenue, we are with our Clients all the way.


How do we Define an "Appointment" ?


An Appointment is a Qualified Lead, a Set Date and Time to Close a Sales Deal.  Depending upon what type of offer your company has, an Appointment could include a Free Consultation or a Free Product Trial.  As our Client, you help define what you consider to be an Appointment through the Qualifying Questions Form that must be completed before a project is launched.



Do we Need to Sign a Contract?


YES, we encourage a Basic Service Contract that is cancelable at anytime.  This Contract will protect both your company and our assets.  Contracts also enforce Productivity, everyone know what to expect and reassures the right outcomes.  Our Basic Service Contract is generally for a 90-Day Period, which allows enough time to evaluate the effectiveness of our Proposed Project Plan.  However, we have made exceptions to some clients where there were no contracts.


Do we have to Pay an hourly Rate for Each Call Center Sales Consultants?


NO, your company does not Pay any hourly wages.  SalesLearning takes care of all the Employee Costs and Liability.  Our Employees work for us and they are our responsibility.

Do we give Refunds and Credits for Leads?


YES, we will give you back a Credit or Refund, if you the Client are not satisfied with the Lead.  For Example, we billed you for 20 Leads for one week, but you cannot reach 1 person, we will credit your account with 1 an additional Lead.  There are some exceptions to the rule.  Credits are applied within a 30-Day period.  We ask that our Clients allow time to reach the Customer.  The Client must communicate with their Local SalesLearning Team on a regular basis.


SalesLearning Lead Generation Services: From Start To Finish

SalesLearning Lead Generation Services: From Start To Finish